The security wrapper around your applications.
Is customer data protection a top priority for your organization? And have you already invested in other security solutions to protect your data? Not a problem. The Securely platform makes existing solutions better. Our platform is engineered to fit seamlessly into any cloud or on-premise environment. We simply install the Securely platform as an extension on your existing products and boost the overall level of protection. Quick to install and you get all the benefits.


Self-learning security, like 24/7 automated pen testing.
The internet never sleeps. Constant attacks and continuous software updates create an ever-changing landscape. Are you done playing catch-up? The Securely platform learns, adjusts and protects around the clock. Even when your staff is on a break. Your pen tests will not be limited to only twice a year, but with Securely that becomes 24/7 automated pen testing. Real-time. All the time. So that you and your team can go back to doing the things that you love.


Cloud Native and as dynamic as your web application.
How would you secure a building which has a layout that continuously seems to change? Sounds next to impossible? That is what it's like to secure web applications. The Securely platform is based on the same hyperdynamic architecture as, for example, AWS, Azure and Google. This makes us one of the few that can adapt to and secure these cloud platforms. We ensure that in a dynamic cloud environment, the protection of your web applications will be your single constant.

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Monitoring Merchants

Targeted attacks transmitted through the Payment channel

Updated on:

May 14, 2021

- ERP payment system target of attacks - Compromise of backoffice employees - Attack payload transferred using "legitimate" order

Pressed charges

Exploitation of unsecure passwords

Updated on:

March 23, 2021

- Focused on a user portal - Past breaches are being reused - Hard to detect duo to cloud infrastructure

Continuous Protection

Code injections in PHP applications

Updated on:

March 23, 2021

- Aimed towards PHP applications - Automatic take over in seconds - Invisible for Dutch IP addresses

Has your company's security been compromised?

Securely's smart algorithm has verified that no data has been leaked for the majority of the business using the Securely platform. In case an actual breach has been found, we can help you to join forces with other affected companies.

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Payment Service Provider

“Securely intervened before we even noticed something was wrong.”
As a Payment service provider, we're under constant surveillance of the DNB (Dutch national bank). As a result, we have to comply to strict security measures.

Using Securely, we're able to fend of attacks quickly while keeping costs low. The platform allows us to monitor payment traffic down to the millisecond 24/7. That's how we contribute to a reliable payment system.

Healthcare specialist

“It's good to be back in control again!”
Being a healthcare specialist, we're responsible for keeping the medical records of 4 million Dutch people confidential and secure. Securely acts as our digital surveyor who'll continuously monitors our applications and intervenes when needed. Afterwards we'll receive a report from the moment the attempted data theft took place until the attack was automatically blocked. We're glad to be back in control again!