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Become Realtime Resilient

Even the most risk-aware organizations need 2 days to fix vulnerabilities. But attackers are using AI to exploit these flaws in 15 minutes. Are you still letting your IT team race against AI? Have the Securely AI protect you around the clock. Realtime resilience, all the time.


Profit from Continuous Compliance

Your customers become more aware of you: a potential security liability. You can answer their questions with more manual evidence collection and extra reviews bothering your colleagues, or... you let the Securely AI organize and collect it automatically. Our product speaks all standards such as NEN 7510/13, ISAE 4302, NIS2, or PCI-DSS.

How it works

Artificially conscientious

Our AI learns to understand your custom environment. Securely communicates to you what risk an attack has for your environment, and explains how it came to that conclusion. And even better, it can apply the fix for you on your systems.

Customer companionship

When a customer starts to act suspiciously, Securely works as a companion. It explains why the action is risky, and guides her to safe behavior as a friendly steward. This puts the liability in the right place while improving the relationship with the customer.

Fixing the unknown

When developers prepare to go live, they spend time locking down the issues they foresee. But it is the unforeseen that causes issues when you are finally live. Securely blocks abnormalities while live, saving you not only time but also 30% of your traffic bill. 

Creating a paradigm shift

In the hyper dynamic world of software development, an increasing amount of products, and the number 0-day attacks, protecting yourself based on what is “known to be bad” has become a losing game. Besides, only standard components are protected, but your configuration is more than just standard components. This had to change!

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What if we could build something that finds the known bad for your situation, your setup, cloud and codebase. A paradigm shift in the way security is done in organizations. Smart and proven algorithms that analyses all traffic instantly and determines what is good or bad. No more security delay in releasing software and no more blocked customers as a result. In addition, you will be saving 30% hosting costs and an improved web performance.

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As a provider of payment services, is under constant surveillance of the DNB and must comply to strict security measures.  Using Securely, we can fend off attacks quickly while keeping costs low. The platform allows us to monitor payment traffic down to the millisecond, 24/7. Securely sometimes intervenes before we even notice something is wrong. This really helps to build a reliable payment system.

Olav Kok,