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    The most important asset of an organization is customer data. We provide insight, adherance to compliance and enable you to connect to your customer easier, quicker and safer than before.

    Monthly Cyber Report

    With a monthly single page overview of the current cyber risks, management gets more insight of the actual risks. Resulting in higher levels of comfort at a lower operational cost.

    GDPR Reporting

    Our customers are required to produce periodic reports for GDPR. Securely generates GDPR reports automatically based on real-time traffic.

    Prioritize development

    With Securely the actual risk attached to vulnerabilities is automatically generated, so the organization can easily determine the priority of the backlog.

    Audit log

    When a data leakage took place Securely automatically produces a full audit report in your dashboard.

    Correlation of WAF alerts

    With Securely, the number of alerts can be reduced significantly. By automatically correlating all logs and alerts our customers have shown an average reduction of alerts from 100 to 1.

    Forensic reports

    With a click of the button the pre-correlated evidence is automatically printed in a report containing all details needed during the investigation.

    24/7 notifications

    With Securely the DPO task is automated and simplified for anyone made responsible for the company data.

    Protect your data in the cloud

    Cloud providers only protect the servers, not your data. With the Securely plugins for GCloud, AWS or Azure, your data is monitored and secured.

    How we keep you ahead of threats

    This is how we do it

    False positives Spend time on true positives, and don't get drowned in false positives

    Block attackers Block sophisticated attacks in milliseconds, and mitigate the vulnerability

    Cloud Easily deploy on-premise or in the cloud

    Stay secure Enrich static rule sets provided by WAF or cloud vendors continuously

    Prioritise alerts Automatically correlate and prioritise attacks for quick investigation

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